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Last week, I was running the “HUGUK Goes Startup” event as part of the Hadoop Users Group UK at the Digital Catapult Center. A pitch session of 6 early-stage data- and analytics driven startups. HUGUK is a London-based meetup with a broad mix of 2800+ members who are techies, work in start-ups, founders or come from a corporate background. We run monthly meetups but this was the first startup pitch event.

Check out the videos below and watch the space for more pitch events in the near future.


Presented by the Co-founders Laure Andrieux and Nic Greenway, Aiseedo uses real-time machine learning to build a model of the world that is constantly updated. This adaptive systems can be applied, for instance, in robotics, to the Internet of Things and in healthcare. 


Presented by the Co-founder and CEO Corentin Guillo, Bird.i is building a platform for up-to-date earth observation data that will bring satellite imagery to the mass market. Providing fresh imagery together with analytics around the forecast of localised demand opens up innovative opportunities in sectors like construction, tourism, real-estate and remote facility monitoring.


Presented by the Co-founder & CEO Jaco Els, Cubitic offers a predictive analytics platform that allows developers to build custom solutions for analytics and visualisation on top of a machine learning engine. 


Presented by the Co-founder and CTO Aeneas Wiener, Cytora is a real-time geopolitical risk analysis platform that extracts events from open-source intelligence and evaluates them on their geopolitical impact. 

Signal Media

Presented by the CTO Wesley Hall, Signal Media is a real-time media and news monitoring platform that tracks media outlets. News items are analysed for brand & media monitoring as well as market intelligence. 


Presented by the CEO Benedikt von Thuengen, Speechmatics has built a cloud-based automatic speech recognition system that is more accurate than existing solutions. The cloud  platform can be used for speech analytics and assessment of language proficiency today, and in the near future  also as offline embedded system on mobile devices.

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